A new year, new ideas…


Another new year, and time for a new approach to my blog. 2015 was the year I completed Project 365. A photo a day for a whole year. This was even more of a tall order than I thought it would be – finding a moment every single day to make an image. If you’ve looked through my year’s selection, you’ll see I didn’t always manage to fit in an opportunity.

This year, I’m focussing on street photography, any which way. I guess this will be mostly photos snapped and edited on my iPhone, as it’s the camera I always have on me. You’ll see a mixture of iPhoneography, stuff taken on my Olympus OMD E-M1, it’s older brother the OM1(n), my Lomo LC-A and whatever else I choose to snap with out in the street.

Street in my case will be mostly in and around Madrid. There’s no Project 365 element here – I won’t be shooting every day.

Don’t Lose Your Head


I was in a long queue at the post office one rainy evening and spotted this chap. From where I was perched, it looked as if he was missing his head! After 40 minutes queueing, ‘don’t lose your head’ would have been sound advice… MADRID, JANUARY 4.